Monday, 30 October 2017

Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki - Her Bless.


I have a mom whose face is like me. No, actually. My face's like her. LOL. Yes, I always argue with her while I was a teenage girl, even when I'm getting older and older. The arguement is more like, I will fight it back, talk back defending myself without thinking or considering my words. Well, that was previously.  I was still young that time, plus my Mama pun boleh tahan ayat dia.

But when I'm getting into 25 years old, I'm more relax, not gonna fight or talk back nonsencely. That time I was like literally trying to play with psychology things, where I am trying to learn other peoples attitude, feelings and thoughts.

For those who lives far from your mother, how many times do you contact your mom? Me even staying with Mama, I still text her from my bed,"Mama keluar ke? Pergi Giant tak?" Hehehehe~

What I am going to tell you is, from the book I have read -Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki- our dreams and dua' is depending on Allah. Our moms' bless is with His bless.

Let your mom know your plan, your dreams, your wishes, she'll pray it for you, even you didn't mention it, and get her bless. Her bless + His bless = Awesome.

For those who 'lost' his mom, still, you may ask blesses from your elders. Well, yeah, it's not the same but still, isn't it good when someone bless and pray for you?

Call your mom. Ask what is she doing. Maybe some of you feel awkward sikit sebab tak pernah buat. But once you buat, you buat lagi, it gonna be like a routine. For example, I am the only child yang salam Mama Abah everytime pergi kerja. At first, awkward, even my parents pun awkward,hohohoh! Tapi hati gagahkan juga sebab fikir,"Aku nak cari rezeki, kena dapat berkat dorang." So, my younger brother nampak, and after 2 years, adik pula kerja, dia salam dulu before pergi kerja. Dulu, I nak pergi keluar hang out dengan kawan pun salam, pergi dating (they don't know I pergi dating) pun I salam.

So, yeah, simple kan untuk memudahkan rezeki datang pada kita? Kenapa nak bersusah kejar rezeki kalau lagi mudah jemput rezeki.

This book is so awesome. You should read it. Actually, ini hanya 1 of the chapter in the book. Ada banyak lagi tips. And it is so relax santai untuk baca and sangat membantu okay. Ibu jari ke atas!

Dah, pergi call your mom sekarang.

P/S: How I handle my mom? Now, I just talk like an adult, cakap bila perlu, tak bangkang just bagi suggestion. Walaupon dia tak terima sebab well, she's a woman.

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