Monday, 30 October 2017

Have you met @tsaribeauty ?

Assalammualaikum. Good day!

It's raining outside. And it's Wednesday.
All day looking at phone viewing my friend's FB live doing make up with Ombretto Eyeshadow Palette and Amoura Cosmetics together with other well-known product. Yeah, since 2 last years I have started to lokking forward for local products that is REALLY BRILLIANT bukan main-main and re-branding ke hape.

Well, I am so proud *tap my shoulder* that I have been doing solely online business. I mean, dulu buat part time, now sejak beranak kan my son, Kayyis, I am a #GIRLBOSS (or should I call myself #LADYBOSS ?)

Currently, I am offering you a super best fabulous beauty kit SCRUB DISTRICT. It's a scrub, of course, and it is totally a brilliant scrub I've ever know.

Last time, I used St. Ives, Syahirah, and Body Shop body scrub. But hell no they didn't give this kind of impact to me - WOOWWWWWW! not after I tried SCRUB DISTRICT.

At first, I thought it was just another syok-sendiri local product. Yes, I ada rasa down sikit dengan local product dulu yang tak pernah bagi impact best. Hmmhh..

My first day using SCRUB DISTRICT, okay, skin is softer, even after only first application. 3 days later. Pimple burst on my forehead, and that day is Kayyis aqiqah. Great. But in a positive way, actually the pimple, huge pimple okay, was actually a blackheads, dirts in pores that have stayed quite a long time until it makes me looks like I'm having a not perfect angel of nande'. I've tried to korek, squeeze that black thing deep in my pores (bad attitude, Sya. So, bad!). But after I used SCRUB DISTRICT, it actually works! It really cleaning my pores deeply.

The pimple doesn't stay so long. After 3 days, it getting shrink, faded and fully gone, no more nande' senget. Wow. isn't it?

Now, SCRUB DISTRICT is totally my skin's BFF.
My skin condition:
1. Brighter and even skin tone.
2. Healthier.
3. Less whiteheads.
4. Smoother for sure.
5. Clean so clean.
6. Looks glowing and fresh.

I have a sinus problem, so dulu I have to do those nose strips treatment. At least twice a week. Now? Once a week and sometime don't mind to do it once in two weeks. Jimat!

I also have a rashes skin problem and dark scars due to pregnancy allergies. Yup, use it on my body and HOORAYY the scars faded, rashes lesser. Isn't it super cool scrub?
It is like not an ordinary scrub, not only exfoliate dead skin and dirt (which also helps in making my other skincare to absorb well), it also like having a special skin treatment!

The ingredients? Rock Salt, Brown Sugar, Apricot Essence, Whitening essence and many more. You know, those ingredients are so so good for your skin in terms of killing bacteria, shrinking pimples, brighter your skin, blemish whiteheads blackheads, faded scars and treat rashes and also sunburn!

Well, as I am superbly in love with SCRUB DISTRICT, I am now officially a stockist of SCRUB DISTRICT. Yes! I do sell it. You can follow my this IG > @tsaribeauty and whatsapp to order. The number for ordering is in there.

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